Claude Lorrain Paintings

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Claude Lorrain is a French artist of the Baroque era who was active in Italy, is admired for his achievements in landscape paintings.
- Claude Lorrain - A French artist of the Baroque era 1600-1682
About Claude Lorrain: The French Painting, Claude Lorrain was born in 1604 or 1605 into poverty in the town of Chamagne, Vosges in Lorraine. Claude Lorrain was one of five children. His actual name was Claude Gellee, but he is better known by the province in which he was born. Orphaned by age of twelve, Claude Lorrain went to live at Freiburg with an elder brother, Jean Gellee, a woodcarver.In 1627 Claude Lorrain returned to Rome. Here, two landscapes Paintings made for Cardinal Bentivoglio earned him the patronage of Pope Urban VIII. Claude Lorrain Landscape Paintings are tradditional and classic, they last popular these years.

Claude Lorrain Paintings - Handmade Canvas Art Reproductions