Filippino Lippi Paintings

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Filippo Lippi was a well-known painter working during the High Renaissance in Florence, Italy. He was so renowned that all the workshops of the city closed on the day of his burial.
-Filippino Lippi - High Renaissance Movement 1457 - 1504
About Filippino Lippi: The italian Artist, Filippino Lippi was born in Prato (Tuscany), he first trained under his father. They moved to Spoleto, where Filippino Lippi served as shop adjuvant in the construction of the Cathedral there. Lippi's last work is the Deposition for the Santissima Annunziata church in Florence, which at his death in April 1504 was unfinished. We only offer best reproductions from Filippino Lippi Paintings, no print!

Filippino Lippi Paintings - Handmade Canvas Art Reproductions