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Jean Beraud (born January 12, 1849 in Saint Petersburg died October 4, 1935 in Paris) was a French Impressionist painter and commercial artist.
About Jean Beraud: Jean Beraud exhibited his works at the Salon for the first time in 1872. However, he did not gain recognition until 1876, with his On the Way Back from the Funeral. He exhibited with the Society of French Watercolorists at the 1889 World's Fair in Paris. Jean Beraud painted many scenes of Parisian daily life during the Belle Epoque in a style that stands somewhere between the academic art of the Salon and that of Impressionists. He received the Legion d'honneur in 1894.Jean Beraud paintings often included truth-based humour and mockery of late 19th century Parisian life, along with frequent appearances of biblical characters in then contemporary situations. Paintings such as Mary Magdalene in the House of the Pharisees aroused controversy when exhibited, because of these themes.

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