Louis Aston Knight Paintings

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Louis Aston Knight is most famous for his French landscapes executed in and around his home in Beaumont-le-Roger. Aston looked up to Claude Monet, and visited him from time to time at his home in Giverny.
-Louis Aston Knight - American Paintinger 1873 - 1948
About Louis Aston Knight: the son of the American expatriate artist,Louis Aston Knight was born in Paris in 1873, Louis was raised and educated in Europe, Louis attended the Chigwell School in England for his Liberal Arts Education and began his artistic training, under the guidance of his father.Aston Knight was a favorite of American Presidents in his day. In 1922, President Harding purchased Aston Knight's painting entitled The Afterglow, to hang in the White House.Many of Louis Aston Knight Paintings have had international acclaim and are housed in the art collections throughout the world.

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