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We offer 100% handmade Spanish Flamenco Dancer Painting at a discount of 50% OFF.Flamenco is a Spanish musical genre with strong, rhythmic undertones and is often accompanied with a similarly impassioned style of dance characterized by its powerful yet graceful execution, as well as its intricate hand and footwork. It embodies a complex musical and cultural tradition. Although considered part of the culture of Spain in general, It actually originates from one region: Andalusia. However, other areas, mainly Extremadura and Murcia, have contributed to the development of several musical forms, and a great number of renowned flamenco artists have been born in other territories of the state. The roots of Spanish flamenco are not precisely known, but it is generally acknowledged that flamenco grew out of the unique interplay of native Andalusian, Islamic, Sephardic, and Gypsy cultures that existed in Andalusia prior to and after the Reconquest. Latin American and especially Cuban influences have also been important in shaping several musical forms.Once the seeds of flamenco were planted in Andalusia, it grew as a separate subculture, first centered in the provinces of Seville, Cadiz and part of Malaga—the area known as Baja Andalucía (Lower Andalusia)—but soon spreading to the rest of Andalusia, incorporating and transforming local folk music forms. As the popularity of flamenco extended to other areas, other local Spanish musical traditions (e.g. the Castilian traditional music) would also influence, and be influenced by, the traditional flamenco styles.We list above Spanish Flamenco Dancer Painting painted completely by hand, more Spanish dancer paintings available, or to click on to see other dancer painting.
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