Julius LeBlanc Stewart Paintings

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Julius LeBlanc Stewart (September 6, 1855 - 1919), American artist, was born at Philadelphia.Julius Stewart was a figure and genre painter from Philadelphia who spent almost his entire life in Paris. From the 1880s through the first decade of the 20th century, he ranked with John Singer Sargent as one of the most popular expatriate American painters in Paris (Falk). He painted the life he thoroughly enjoyed Parisian high society.
Julius LeBlanc Stewart Paintings are spirited and realistic, full of fashionable women, sumptuous fabrics and elegant drawing rooms. He was a student of Jean-Leon Gerome.
Among his principal paintings are "The Hunt Ball," Essex Club, Newark, New Jersey "Full Speed," in James Gordon Bennett's collection "Five o'clock Tea," and "Court in Cairo."All Julius Stewart paintings are available here as handmade reproduciton on canvas.
-Julius LeBlanc Stewart - American Painter 1855 - 1919

Julius LeBlanc Stewart Paintings - Handmade Canvas Art Reproductions